May 20, 2024

APRIL 19, 2018

Thirteen members began our meeting at 6:52 p.m. as chapter chaplain Steve Sanguino presented our invocation. Lory Wolf gave her treasurer’s report. The chapter purchased some containers to more properly store our merchandise. There are now 94 chapter members. Director Ray Schwedhelm and his wife Mary Ann will be setting up our display at the 46th Annual POCI Convention in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin in June. Copies of our latest chapter roster will be printed soon. Chapter reports have been sent to POCI. Member Michael Carmichael from Baton Rouge, Louisiana author of the books : “Past the Hood Ornament” and “You’ve Got It, Baby !“ and of the erstwhile Smoke Signals feature “A Glance Back …” will now be writing for Metro News. We feel blessed to have Michael aboard. Lory also reported that last year’s car show is now on our website. After our next newsletter is published, the website will be updated with photos from our “After-the-Holidays” party. Chapter President Dianne Lennox reminded us of veteran mem- ber Lou Calasibetta’s annual “open house” on Saturday, May 12th at his Old Stillwater Garage in Stillwater, New Jersey. Dianne will send out e-mail notices including plans for interested members to caravan to Lou’s. Chapter Vice-President Greg Pavan suggested some changes to our car show classes. Work sheets reflecting these improvements will be made up so that members attending the next meeting(s) can follow along as we discuss the proposed alterations. A few members mentioned some local car events. Our next meetings will be held on Thursday, May 17th and on Thursday, June 21st. Our meeting was over at 7:53 p.m