May 20, 2024


JANUARY 21, 2016- Fourteen of us began the first meeting of the New Year with a small prayer at 7:04 p.m. Lory Wolf read her 2015 treasurer’s report. We then discussed our newly designed website and gave consideration to maintaining it ourselves or having our web designer do it for a modest fee. Several members expressed their approval of POCI’s monthly magazine, Smoke Signals with its new editor, Tim Dye.

Maryann Schwedhelm brought two different weight sweatshirts as samples to help us decide upon our new hooded chapter sweatshirt. We agreed that we will offer a blue full zipper hooded sweatshirt with our familiar logos on the front and back in two different weights. The 8 oz. version will range in price from $ 25.00 to $ 29.00 depending upon the size and the 9.3 oz. version will vary from $ 30.00 to $ 34.00 . Some of us put in preliminary orders and a special order form will be included in our newsletter. Maryann also gave us an inventory of our chapter apparel. We decided to order more T-shirts in a variety of sizes and to take orders for our popular black, red and white short sleeve sports-style “dress” shirt. Members will be able to order these snazzy shirts on the same order form as will appear the new hooded sweatshirts.

It was suggested that we increase our yearly dues from the current $ 12.00 to $ 15.00 to help cover the cost of color printing and postage of our newsletter. We will consider offering an e-mail version of Metro News in addition to the regular paper version. A survey of our members will be taken.

We talked about future chapter activities such as a trip to the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, New York and the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel, New Jersey.

Several members said they were looking forward to our next wine-making venture on Sunday, March 6th at Your Own Winery in Riverdale, New Jersey. Lory Wolf who once again made all of the arrangements for this very popular activity mentioned that it was not necessary to RSVP. We may just “show up”.

Our Fall car show date was set for Sunday, October 2nd.

Our next meetings will take place on Thursday, February 18th and Thursday, March 17th – Saint Patrick’s Day !

Our meeting was over at 8:19 p.m.