April 21, 2024


Meeting Minutes July & August 2016

JULY 21, 2016– Twelve members began our meeting with a small prayer at 7:06 p.m. Bill Wolf read Lory Wolf’s treasurer’s report. Freshly printed flyers announcing our Sunday, October 2nd car show were passed around for each of us to hand out. It was mentioned that 21 of us (including members’ spouses) attended the POCI annual convention in Bettendorf, Iowa in July. MaryAnn Schwedhelm informed us that an order for our chapter T-shirts has been placed. The style of our popular black, red and white “dress “chapter shirt is no longer available. Therefore, we will decide upon a new design. MaryAnn will bring sample shirts to our next meeting from which we may choose. We discussed the facilities and parking available to us at our new car show location in Clifton. We will send our car show flyers to neighboring POCI chapters and also post it on our website. We will consider placing an announcement of our show in local Clifton newspapers. Car show ads will also be placed in Smoke Signals and Hemmings Motor News. We will soon be arranging for car show insurance and dash plaques. We have consulted with a Clifton pizzeria and will seek out a food truck as a possible source of nourishment for famished entrants, spectators and of course chapter workers at the car show. It was noted that in the May-June issue of Metro News incorrect dates were given for members to select from in deciding upon a chapter outing in October on the Warren County Winery Train. A correction will be made in the next newsletter. It was proposed that we increase the number of newsletters printed for each bimonthly issue. Our web designer will be paid for her services on an as needed basis. She will soon be placing photos from the 2016 POCI convention on our website. Car show sponsor forms will be made up in time for our next meeting and they will be mailed with our July-August Metro News. Our next meetings will be held on Thursday, August 18th and Thursday, September 15th. Our meeting concluded at 8:18 p.m.

AUGUST 18, 2016 – Eleven members began our meeting at 7:21 p.m. by saying Grace and The Lord’s Prayer. It was noted that those who came to our picnic at Silas Condict Park in Kinnelon last Saturday had an enjoyable afternoon. Several members briefly talked about local car shows they recently attended. Seven of us went to the new location of our car show at the Masonic Temple in Clifton shortly before this evening’s meeting to acquaint ourselves with the facilities. Special attention was given to the parking lot since the placement of the various car classes will be different from last year’s arrangement. We have been in contact with the owners of a few food service trucks. One will be selected to provide lunch at the show. Vice President Greg Pavan will be submitting a design for this year’s car show dash plaque. Members are always curious as to which Pontiac will be displayed on the dash plaques come show day. Inasmuch as several members will be away for our next regularly scheduled meeting, September’s meeting will take place on Thursday, September 22nd. Our meeting concluded at 8:17 p.m.

Steve Sanguino