July 20, 2024

October 15, 2020

We began our meeting at 7:00 p.m.
with 10 members in attendance. Our invocation was read by
chapter chaplain Steve Sanguino. Lory Wolf our chapter treasurer read her report. Our membership currently stands at 87.Ninety-one beloved classics were at our Sunday October 4th car show. This is our show record. And of this total there were 20 pre-registered entrants. Board member Steve Kiellar
related that many people thoroughly enjoyed the show. We
were grateful to have members of the Long Island Chapter
of POCI drive out to join us. We discussed what went well at
the show and also where we could use some improvement.
Elaine Silvestri who along with her husband Ed is in charge
of our chapter store reported that sales of club merchandise
were brisk. Elaine attributed this to her tables being set up in
a separate area under a large tent due to Coronavirus prevention precautions. Many were drawn to our chapter store
display counters which were expertly staffed by Elaine and
Lory. We decided to include our chapter website and Facebook page information on next year’s car show flyer. It was
also suggested that in the future we assign additional chapter
members to process the many ballots submitted from the car
judging part of our shows. Bill Wolf our newsletter editor informed us that show photos would appear in the next issues
of Metro News. Inspired by the success of this year’s show
we have already reserved the Masonic Lodge of Clifton for
our 2021 show to be held on Sunday October 3rd. We discussed the restocking of apparel in our chapter store – it was
thought best to place a small order soon and then another
next summer in preparation for the 2021 show. Meanwhile we
will check with our vendor on the availability of the popular
Garden State Chapter, POCI blue denim long sleeve shirt. We
will also have more chapter membership applications printed
up. We decided not to plan our annual January “After-theHolidays” party because of the Coronavirus epidemic and
the current restrictions placed on indoor dining. Our next
meetings are scheduled for Thursday November 19th and
Thursday December 17th. The meeting was over at 8:24 p.m.